Most people feel that a 90 minute deep tissue massage is absolutely ideal for working out aches, pains, and knots yet still leaving room to gently smooth away stress and tension.



Hot stone treatment can be added to any service over 90 minutes

+ $40


Couples massage available by request.
Options for treatment at your location.
Entire staff office wellness events or parties!

price varies by request

Your restoration process begins

There are many unique goals to achieve together. You might need to combat a chronic lack of sleep (new moms and dads!) or you might be an athlete pushing your body to its absolute limits. Mental health, clarity, memory function, circulation, and immune system therapy as well as "I just sit too much at work" are all valid reasons to invest in massage!

I have 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute time slots available, and also offer post-liposuction / post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage, and an hour and twenty-minute prenatal option, allowing plenty of time to take bathroom breaks or find the comfiest position! All services are provided at my space on the East side of Kalamazoo; 5040 Suite J, Gull Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan, near the intersection of Sprinkle and Gull Rd.


Do you have a covid policy?

It goes without saying that there is no social distancing involved in a therapeutic massage treatment. I have, however, increased time blocks to create space between guests which will cut back on overlap time in the waiting room area and leave me time to disinfect all touch surfaces. As always, entire bedding sets (sheets, blankets, and face cradle covers) are used only once and laundered with soap and disinfectant after every use. Hand sanitizer and disposable masks are available, and I am happy to wear a mask for you if you would prefer me to. I am vaccinated, and there is an in-room sink for hand-washing between each client. I believe perfectly clean hands are necessary to wellness regardless.

Where is your building?

Exactly at the corner of Gull Road and Rockingham Ave. Look for a slate gray "L" shaped building with large signs for Allstate Insurance and Jester's Quarters. If you're coming from downtown Kalamazoo, it's just past Aldi and Frosty Boy but before Menards. If you're coming from Sprinkle Road, Richland, Gull Lake, or Galesburg, it's just past Menards, Ten Ten, and Jaspare's. The salon suite is 8 minutes from downtown Kalamazoo and 8 minutes from downtown Richland, quite near Borgess hospital.

Do people just get naked... or... ? ? ?

For anyone new to massage, this is the most common question. I tell everyone to undress "to your own comfort level" and I mean exactly that. If you have trust or trauma issues, you don't need to undress. But most seasoned massage recipients choose "comfort level underwear". I will only be using oils on exposed skin, so underwear level is a happy medium. And yes, some people do choose naked. The sheets and blankets still provide wrapping and draping options for coverage.

Will I feel oily or greasy afterwards?

I have never had anyone complain. The oil I choose is a light, nut-free oil to protect those with allergies, and it soaks into the skin quite easily. Sometimes I have been asked if a client can bring their own favorite lotion/oil/cream - and of course you may! Everyone's skin is completely unique. You know what works for you. Allergies are real, and scent and sensory experience are all very important for complete wellness.

Do you do aromatherapy?

I do have a diffuser and some lavender oil. If you would like to request another fragrance, I have the basics, and for clients that love essential oils and have found their perfect blend, I'm happy to change out the water so you can bring your own fragrance mix!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and debit/charge are all accepted. Some people have been able to use their HSA's if those accounts have cards issued by a major credit card company. You can split payments as well. I don't have the ability to accept insurance directly from your employer, but I have found plenty of employer provided insurance plans will reimburse your wellness costs and so I am happy to provide you a receipt.