A deeper Look

I am a medical massage therapist, graduated from Olympia Career in 2006, and in professional practice since 2006.

My medical background includes certification as an EMT, and I spent three years on an ambulance with Life Care EMS. Working in trauma strengthened my love of preventative wellness as, in many cases, I saw illness, accidents, and emergencies that would not befall a healthy body. It is so much better to keep ourselves young and strong than to recover from something debilitating.

I specialize in deep tissue, therapeutic massage; with an aptitude for muscular alignment, pain management, and circulatory system health.

Myofascial release, sports massage, and prenatal massage are also in my skill set.

I had the honor of delivering my two youngest children myself. Both, home births with a midwife standing by. 

My personality is affirming and empathetic. I'm extroverted but only talk during sessions if you speak first. (It's okay if you prefer the quiet). I enjoy all types of humor, and one of my favorite things is how many people I get to meet doing this job. 

When I'm not doing massage, you might find me at a wedding doing photos or video for Almost Fantasy, or brewing beer with a friend or my oldest son. I love homebrew recipes and also provide massage for employees of Bells Brewery at the Bell's Health and Wellness Center. I'm a percussionist, and part of a fun, once-in-a-while KISS tribute band. And I'm a husband and a father to a very busy and lively family. 

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